Track list and downloads:
1. Boos too much - D-Cipher
2. Steve - D-Cipher
3. Moonshine - Heather Nielson
4. If Time Were the Sky - Ila Rose
5. Love Story - Ila Rose
6. Other Side of You - Ila Rose
7. Let it Rain - Joey Stuart
8. Mr. Brawn - Joey Stuart
9. Like This - Leah Jamison
10. Crazy You - Leah Jamison
11. Tumblin' Down - Nesjah Ugale

"Northleft Acoustics" is a compilation album recorded by the Juice to display the talent and diversity of various artist and friends that create music around the Northwest. It features several different artists and styles through one take, acoustic recordings. More tracks are yet to come, so stay posted for updates. As of yet we don't have plans to make an official press of this album, so for now all of the tracks will be offered for download. Enjoy!


Northleft Acoustics