01. Intro.
02. Brainfruitjuice
03.Half Full or Half Empty
04. Twang
05. Lost Feet
06. Revolution
07. Invisible
08. Poison
09. Taming the Temptress
10. Layin Pipe
11. Behind the Eyes
12. Beyond
13. She Makes Me Wanna
14. Scratchpad
15. The Wizard,the Minstrel, the Renaissance Man
16. Sorcer's Apprentice
17. In a dream
18. Start out fresh
19. Take it ez

"More Trees than People" is the Juice's most recenetly released hip-hop album. It pays homage to our home in the northwest with a blend of smooth hip-hop, reggae, jazz and rock music.I f you plan on attending our release performance on November 23, you can purchase a ticket and CD for only $10. Click Here for details.                


Where There's More Trees Than People