1. Dem Gone - Featuring Nesjah
2. The Sun Shines Twic -Feat. Nesjah
3. Which Way - Feat. Marvellis
4. Cleansing Rain - Feat. Marvellis
5 . Another One - Feat. Unkle Nancy
6 . Tearing Habits - Feat Leah Jamison
7 . Silence Says - Feat Ila Rose
8 . Anything - Feat. Heather Nielsen

"The Juice to Make it Happen Presents:" Is an album featuring a distinguished list of several different singers, rappers, songwriters, and instrumentalists. Every track uses one of these talented individuals combined with Juice production to provide an extremely ecclectic mix of unique music. Several tracks are available for download, however this album is not scheduled for release until late 2005.


The Juice to Make it Happen Presents: