Track list and downloads:
1. What is Hip-Hop (Intro)
2. Wreckin' the Definition
3. Ezel Piano Set
4. Chill Before Serving
5. Unite
6. Who Are These MCs
7. Don't Stop
8. Ledzep Breaks
9. The Countdown
10. She's the Reason
11. The Dope Interlude
12. What's it all about
13. The B-Line (instrumental)
14. It Could Happen to You
15. Partyfavors (instrumental)

"The Blue Ribbon Demo" is the first ever production of music from the Juice. Released in the summer of 2001, it would set the pace for the unique lyrical and production style of hip-hop that now defines us. The cover art was made from a scanned PBR 40 label. Keep in mind however, the Juice has changed quite a bit in the last 4 years. Check out some of our newer material to get a better sense of our music now, but keep enjoying the old school classics.


The Blue Ribbon Demo