Juice on Myspace.com: Justist - NRG - Ezel - Wizuhdree
Yup, we're all on that new very popular internet cult collective community commonly referred to as myspace. Check it out.

The Raging Family:
An extremely talented group of artistic creators of music and many other things local to Eugene but far reaching to the world.

Genus Pro.:
Incredibly skilled and rockin' concious underground but quickly surfacing hip-hop group based out of Eugene.

Unkle Nancy:
"Insane Genius" are the only words that near a correct description of the the music of Unkle Nancy. Also based in Eugene. Check it out.

CFO Recordings:
Home of the Northern Californian hip-hop group "Sonic Bloom" which includes our former member the OPEN Vocalist, Hunter Blackwell. These guys have slammin' beats and rhymes so smart you couldn't write 'em if you had a dictionary.

The Rhythm Pimps
F ully living up to their name. Rockin', rollin', and funky pimpin' style music to break your neck to. Based in Eugene.

Lafa Taylor
Lafa is a bangin' young producer and MC in Eugene bringin' the sickest hip hop beats mixed up with reggae, electronica and funk. One of the dopest vocal styles around, he's well worth a listen.